Thursday, July 13, 2017

Berlin Natural Bakery Review

Today I'm doing a review for a company called Berlin Natural Bakery. It is out of Berlin, Ohio. Their products are non gmo & all natural. They have all types of bakery goods. Breads, cookies, pizza dough, stuffing, cornbread, hot dog buns & more. They use spelt wheat in their products. I had never tried spelt before, but I really liked the products that I tried. I have been trying to eat healthier, non gmo, natural & lots of times gluten free. These products are safe for people with wheat sensitivities.

We got to try some herb breadsticks, dinner rolls, Chocolate crinkle cookies & seeded heirloom bread.

My husband, daughter & I all liked the Chocolate crinkle cookies. They weren't too sweet, I know some people don't like stuff that is too sweet. I personally love sweet stuff, the sweeter the better. Unfortunately, I got my sweet tooth from my Dad.

The seeded bread was awesome toasted. I loved the combination of seeds. We added melted butter & garlic salt to the breadsticks when we had that.

Stop by their website, Berlin Natural Bakery if you would like to order some of their yummy products.

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