Monday, June 26, 2017

Just some stuff

Well T is out of school. Hopefully doing a few Summer camps & not home playing "Hay day" all day. We are going away for my birthday. Looking forward to getting away, but I will miss my 2 cats. They bring me joy. We'll be going to the beach & I hope I can catch up on my book. We got a new canopy for outside, so we have to set that up on Friday & I have to go have a new picture taken for my license. My hair is fading fast. I had colored it plum. It didn't last long. I haven't been washing my hair often. So that's what is going on in our life. We're having a 4th of July cookout & then my Dad's 80th b-day party on July 7th. Hope your June is going well. I'm sad that It's almost over.

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