Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stuff & Things

* This week has been crazy/busy & really kind of weird. Tara had strep throat & fell off of our bed last night. I took her to the doc this morning & she said that she might have a slight concussion & a slight sprained neck. Geez, Poor kid, she's had a rough week.
* I've been missing my cat JoJo that passed away in September. It's been 4 months & this week I've just been crying a lot thinking of her.
* I finally got some Happy Mail today. Mail has been so slow lately. I'm pretty caught up in mail too.
* I'm sick of doctor appointments. I spent $125 for co-pays this week & special eye drops included. I really want to take next week off from appointments & I'm hoping to not schedule any appointments for March.

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