Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mornings are crazy around here

School mornings in our house are crazy. My alarm clock goes off at 7am & I usually lay there until 7:15. Then get up & get dressed & try to get Tara out of bed. It usually takes a while. I try to have her clothes ready the night before. In the morning, I try to get her to tell me what she wants for breakfast & lunch. I would like to know the night before. Anthony is usually in the bathroom shaving & he leaves before she does, most days. Luckily, we've only missed the bus 1 time. I had to drive her to school. Usually we stand at the bottom of our driveway & the bus stops at our neighbor's house. Today we are having heavy rains, so I drove the car down to the bottom of our driveway & we waited for the bus. I'm always really stressed out in the mornings. After she leaves, I can sit & relax & enjoy my breakfast & the rest of the morning. Do you have crazy mornings with your kids too or do things usually go smoothly?

This pic was taken this morning, rushing out the door. I'm working on getting a new camera soon. This was taken with my crappy Ipod touch.

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