Thursday, October 2, 2014

How I get through Fall & Our Bucket list


I think everyone knows how much I hate Fall. Let me explain. We live in New England & it's cold about 7 months a year. I hate being cold & sore throats start for me on Sept 1st & last until Spring. I feel like Fall kills Summer & I just have a feeling of dread (also known as S.A.D, Seasonal Affecive Disorder. Well I haven't been diagnosed with it, but I get depressed every Sept 1st. It started when I was 15 & we had to go back to school. So maybe it's the feeling of the end of Summer & having to go back to school, but it has always stuck with me).

So here are some of the things that I do to get through the cool/gloomy weather of Fall.

* Electric blanket
* 6 blankets on my bed
* Chai tea
* Lots of lights
* Candles
* Warm & cozy bathrobe (picture of the bathrobe below).

*2 pairs of socks
*Fingerless fingerless gloves
*Cute scarves
Now to our Bucket list
*Go on a Hayride
*Pumpkin picking
*Get some Cider donuts
*Make apple crisp
*Make banana bread
*Get a pink hair extention for Breast cancer research
*Buy new stuff for the house
*Decorate & change things around
*Bonfire, smores & marshmallows

1 comment:

Ray said...

Oh I love fall, but for some reason here in the midwest winter has taken over fall, URGH!!!!!

Love your list, and I add cute tall boots and jeggins with great long sweaters......

Thanks for the post, and keep smiling!!!!!