Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My brother

So I don't think I have written a post about this before. My brother had a stroke last Summer. It was July or August, I think. He can't really talk & can't move his right arm. He was in rehab for a while & now is in a nursing home. My Dad visits him every other day. I live 45 minutes away & haven't been to visit yet. I feel guilty that I haven't gone to see him yet. I want to, but am a bit nervous about going & seeing him that way. I plan on seeing him this year, within the next few months. We're really not close, he is my half brother, so we never really lived together growing up. My brothers would stay at our house when I was little, on the weekends. I still feel like I should go to see him. I feel bad that he is stuck in a nursing home. I imagine that it must be pretty depressing. Anyway, since he can't talk, it got me thinking about things that people really don't talk about. It got me talking to my hubby. I said to him if anything like that happened to me I would hope that he would play my fave radio station, my fave bands cds & make sure that I get to watch General hospital, Bravo & HGTV. People really don't talk about this ahead of time, maybe once you get older, but not at 30, 40 or 50.

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