Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Music effects my mood in a very big way. I like to pick what I listen to, but we don't always have a choice. Like at the dentist office last week, they were playing all 70's songs. I like a few 70's songs, but these were songs that I never want to hear again. My daughter is into Kids bop (I like the hair band cd), the Frozen cd & Katy Perry. She is also a rock chic. She loves Shinedown, Godsmack & Three Days Grace. Our neighbors cut down a bunch of trees. They have 5 teenagers & they were blasting Country music yesterday, so Tara decided she had to blast Kids bop 25. Ugh. Anthony has speakers out on the deck, so you can hear the music in the yard. I also go to Walmart once a week, food shopping & they now have music & play the same songs every week when I am there. So annoying. Maybe I should just walk around with headphones on & listen to my music. I kind of get that now.


sprinkles said...

I like to sit in the library on campus and listen to my music as I do homework. It really helps me focus by taking away the distractions of listening to other people's conversations.

EstheticGoddess said...

Kimberly, music totally effects our moods. They never play any music in Target! It drives me crazy. It's just too quite!