Friday, March 28, 2014

Nail files. Week # 117

This week I have on Avon Speed dry~Strawberry Fraise & Icing~Glamourous. I think this is the end of Glamourous. Its lumpy & thick & I don't think it can be saved. Last weekend I organized my nailpolish & made a list of all my colors. So I'll post some pics next week.

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Sammy said...

I think Glamorous from Icing is really pretty, but I agree that their polish can be really clumpy, too. Or it doesn't dry the correct way :\ I bought some glow-in-the-dark from them (and from Claire's) one time (ONE time, I stress that, lol) and I never bothered again afterwards. Even tried adding a top clear coat afterwards and it just didn't do the trick. I find those Spoiled polishes to do the trick though if I want glitter! :D

The red is VERY pretty, I should try and find that shade, myself. I'm always looking for the perfect shade of red. It looks great on your nails!

Christina said...

That's a really pretty red. Bummer that it can't be saved. :(

jennie said...

It's always so sad when polish turns before you finish the bottle! I hope it's a colour you can still buy! LOVE your feature nail!

aka Bailey said...

Definitely a shame that this polish can't be saved, but I have to say that I love this mani on you! The ring finger is SO BLING! Love it!!

aka Bailey

Sincerely, Aishah said...

LOVE your nails How do you get them so long without them breaking? Mine always chip once they reach a really good length :( and how did you get that ridiculously awesome shape?! All in all- your nails look AH-MAZING!But it's a bummer about the polish :(

daydreaming beauty said...

Love that shiny red and the glitter!