Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy March

1. Start exercising again (I said this at the beginning of the year, but I've had less energy the past few months, so it didn't happen).
2. Get out more. Maybe take a walk if we have a nice day.
3. Clean out my closet.
4. Get some of my Florida photos scrapbooked.
5. Make some more gluten-free meals. Find more recipes & try them.


sprinkles said...

I should really do all of these! Well, except for the Florida scrapbooking thing, since I've never been there.

Ashly Eyler said...

I'm with you on the exercising thing! I actually made a goal last week to exercise 5x / week for 30 minutes; even if it's a slow walk around the block with my dog... I just have to MOVE! LOL! If you want to be each other's cheerleaders, hit me up on Facebook or shoot me an email ( I have a long journey to go! I would also be interested in seeing some recipe posts of your gluten free food! :)