Friday, July 19, 2013

Nail Files. Week # 81

Lately I've been changing my nailpolish every other day. I get bored with it easy. A lot of work, but I don't mind.
Earlier in the week I had this Bon Bons polish on. I bought it for my daughter, she picked it out. She hardly ever wants me to paint her nails. So I used it 1st. Not sure of the name of the color.

Then I changed it & had Piggy Polish~Something blue & Sinful Colors nail art~What a Night. The nail art 1 is suppose to be for nail art, but I want to start using different polishes. The brush is real thin to paint your nail, but I really liked the color. I only used it once before to try some nail art. I have the silverish-white on my thumb too.

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aka Bailey said...

Ooh, I like that Bon Bon color! I hope your daughter lets you use it on her nails soon! :)


Amber said...

What a pretty blue! I wish my daughter let me polish her nails more often. She usually can't be bothered with such girly things! :)

Janie E. said...

All 3 are so pretty!!