Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Halloween that wasn't

We survived Sandy. We lost power on Monday night for 2 hrs. We ate by lantern light. We haven't had the internet or landline phone till 7:30 tonight. No school so far this week, but there will be school tomorrow. They also postponed Trick or Treat again for the 2nd year in a row (last year we had a freak snowstorm & lost power), so we will be Trick or treating this Saturday night. Our neighbors pass out shots for the adults. We're trying to decide what we are going to pass out. Probably not shots. Also 1 of our neighbors will be doing hayrides around the neighborhood. Our girl's weekend away in VT scrapbooking has also been postponed. I'm so bummed out. I packed up some of my scrapping stuff yesterday since we were stuck in the house all day. We might go Nov 17th weekend. We got out today. Tara had dance class. Only 3 girls showed up for dance (they did get to wear their costumes) & they got to just jump around & be silly.

Tara with 2 of her bff's.

 I also had my hair done today. It was really nice to get out. I hope everyone is safe & has their power back on.

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