Saturday, July 7, 2012

Best date night ever

Last night we had an awesome date night. My Dad picked Tara up in the morning. I ended up winning tix to the Shinedown concert, but I already had tix (I was hoping for meet & greet passes). Anthony got out of work early, but hit traffic on the way home. So we never made it to the radio station. We had to be there by 5:30 to get the tix & he didn't get home till then. We were thinking of selling 1 of the pairs of tix. So we decided to just go to a Chinese restaurant. We had that planned. We found a new place in Manchester that we really liked. We split a scorpian bowl. We hadn't had 1 since our wedding reception in 06. It was very potent. I was seeing double. haha. I was feeling sick all night after we got home & didn't get to sleep till 3am.

Below waiting for the band to come on.

There they are. I didn't bring my "good" camera inside because I didn't think security would let me. It's so big I knew I couldn't hide it ,but the security guard barely looked in my purse. I'm kind of out of the loop now being a Mom & not going to many shows anymore. I remember in the 80's when they would take your camera from you if they saw you with it. So the pics aren't that great. They were so awesome live. My 2nd time seeing them. A security guard told my hubby that they were staying at the Radison across the street, so he was sweet enough to sit at the hotel with me after the show for a while. I will always have the groupie in me & want to try to meet the band if I can. I always have that urge to look for the bus.

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