Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tara's ear surgery is tomorrow

Tomorrow at 8:45am Tara is having ear tubes put in her ears & maybe having her adnoid out. She had an ear infection in October & has had fluid in her ears ever since & keeps saying that her ears are foggy. She had her ears tested recently & they said she isn't hearing as good as she should. I'm hoping that the surgery tomorrow will help her anger & mood too. She's been out of control for a long time & I'm hoping this will help.

Update: They ended up taking out her adnoid & tonsills too. So she's feeling pretty yucky. It's so hard as a parent to make a decision that you know is going to temporarilly make your child be in pain, but in the long run we know that she will feel better. She is so stubborn, she wouldn't drink or eat jello or popcicles. It's hard to give her medicine too. She is already hearing better & said the phone was really loud. She had her 1st ride in a wheelchair today. I asked if I could take a pic of her in the wheelchair (this was on the way out to the car), but she didn't want me to. The doctor also took a pic of her tonsills after he took them out & I gave him my e mail address to send it to, but I didn't get it. When he called tonight I forgot to mention it. He did say not to post it on Facebook. haha. I need to call & make an appointment for a follow up for her, so I might mention the photo when I call.


saturated canary said...

Hope she does great and things improve for her!!


sprinkles said...

Good luck, I hope everything goes well.