Saturday, November 19, 2011

Date night & Sully from Godsmack

Today Tara went to my parents house. My Dad came to pick her up. We worked on organizing her bedroom. She has so much stuff. We haven't really gotten rid of many of her things since she was born. Her closet looks so nice now. She is going to be so surprised when she comes home. Not sure how long it will stay like that. We went out for an early dinner to a nice Italian restaurant.

Right when we walked in the door, a guy went running by us. For a minute I was thinking that looks like Sully from the band Godsmack. I assumed that he went to the bathroom. The hostess told us to wait there for a minute. I was hoping he would come back while we were standing there & he did. He walked right by us & yes it was Sully. He went & sat at the bar with a few guys. I told Anthony & the hostess came back & seated us. I made sure I had a view of him. We were on the other side of the room. I should have gotten up to go to the bathroom, so I could walk by the bar. He left about 10 minutes after we got there. The waitress said it was him & that he is a regular at that restaurant. I figured we would run in to him sometime. He is local & I go to the same tattoo guy as him & he told me that he has a house in our town. There is a gated community (most of the houses in our town are gorgeous & look like mansions anyway) & that is where his house is. I think he might have more than 1 house. They showed the house when he was on Cribs on mtv. So tonight Tara slept at my parents house for the 1st time. It was a fun & interesting day.

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