Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coupon class

I took a coupon class tonight @ our local library. I learned a few things.

1. Buy the Sunday paper (1 for each household member)
2. Sign up for the store cards
3. E mail companies that you like & tell them so & ask for coupons, recipes & samples.
4. Expired coupons can be giving to military bases (they can use them up to 6 months after they expire).
5. Sign up to watch Rite aid videos. You can print coupons after you watch the product (I haven't done this yet).
6. Organize your coupons in a binder (baseball card binders work the best for coupons) or a plastic envelope with a zipper on it. Write the name of the store on the outside.
7. Buy the cheapest Sunday newspaper (they should all have the same coupons. If you look in the left hand corner it will tell you how much you can save with the coupons).
8. Buy your All You subscriptions on Amazon (it's cheaper than the card you get in the magazine).
9. Sign up for restaurant/store e mails. You will get coupons & some offer birthday savings/coupons.


KatieMay said...

I have never heard of a coupon class. Thanks for sharing the tips!

Brandy said...

So awesome to have a local coupon class! love it! Thanks for sharing these awesome tips!