Friday, July 22, 2011

100 degrees

It's officially 100 degrees here. Wow. I wasn't outside very much today. I drove Tara to do a craft at our town hall (she painted an ice cream/popcorn bowl). My Dad drove his car there & he took her to McDonald's after. I ran in CVS & got a few things & came home & got some stuff done. We really haven't been home much in the past month. We have at least 2 things planned every day. I've been having stomache problems for a few months (today is actually a good day). I went to a specialist & he thinks I might have ibs & be lactose intolerant. I'm also seeing a urologist. So we're just trying to hang in here. I can't believe that Summer is almost over. I have to be honest, I'm so looking forward to Tara starting school in September. I have so many things I want to get organized & in order. I'm going to do 1 room at a time.


Stacie said...

The craft thing your daughter did sounds really fun. It has been so hot and humid here. We too have been busy.

Brandy said...

It has been HOT, the rain yesterday has helped cool it off I think.. I hope!