Wednesday, September 22, 2010


*I've been thinking of changing my hair color. Not sure to what. I don't like my hair blonde & I don't like it darker either. Maybe add some golden highlights to it. I haven't mentioned it to the Hubs yet.

*I've been loving Cinnamon scented candles & things. I've always loved cinnamon, but lately I've been burning my new tart burner everyday.

*Been wanting a better camera with a better zoom lens on it. I love my camera because it's tiny & I can carry it in my purse (& it's pink), but I really would love to start taking better photos. My last 2 cameras with zoom lenses broke, so that's why I got the little camera that I have. I dropped 1 of the cameras with the lens out & it never worked again My last camera Tara pulled onto the floor & that was it for that 1. I figure having a camera with the lens built in is good for me being clumsy & good for having a toddler. But 1 of my friends has an awesome camera & her pics come out soooo good.

* Been using more body lotions & face creams lately.


Rachel @ The Cupcake Sprinkles In Life said...

I love the red- wish I could be red... but alas, I just fun it up with wild colors. :)

Have you ever tried mixing low lights and highlights? A chocolate cocktail and pretty blonde foils would be cool!

Oh- and I hear ya about the camera thing... my camera is hurtin'... I covet a Nikon DSLR something fierce. :)

Serene said...

My photographer friends keep telling me I need better lighting, not a better camera. I'm using that as a way to talk myself out of buying a better camera. :-)

Nina's Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by. I am now following you.

I really want to get my hair cut and get it lightened but I don't feel like spending the money.

My Mom got me the Canon T1I for my birthday. I adore it. I need to learn how to use all of the features but it is wonderful.

Take care.


Shopper Gal said...

I'm opting to go with "Caramel-y" highlights. Not too dark, but not too light :)
Good luck, hair decisys are hard!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm now following you and look forward to your posts :)
Shopper Gal