Monday, November 16, 2009

Just say no


I'm a candle & Febreze spray collector. I need to just say no when I go to the store. I did get a $1 coupon in the mail for a Febreze spray today. So just 1 more & then I need to cut down. It's that season when they have all my fave scents out, so that makes it a lot harder.


Karen said...

I get coupons in my email every week from Bath & Body Works. It's ridiculous how much I love their candles. Seriously. I need a 12-step program.

xosparklesxo said...

I love candles! I really do! But I just try not to look!!! I have forced myself to only burn them when I have company so they last forever! *LOL*

sprinkles said...

I love, love, love Bath & Body Works lotions. My bathroom is literally filled with various lotions and soaps. I love candles too.