Saturday, November 14, 2009

How Mother's stay sane

I found this article on Baby center. I think we all should try to make time for ourselves once in a while. I know it's so hard sometimes.

All parents have moments — or even whole days — when they feel they cannot wash one more sticky hand, pick up one more pile of cast-off belongings, or summon the energy for one more rendition of "Old MacDonald." At such times, you may think the only answer is a one-way ticket to somewhere, anywhere (leaving no forwarding address, of course). It's probably more realistic to acknowledge that you're simply suffering from parental burnout. You need to take a real break, and do something just for yourself.We asked our readers what they do to take care of themselves. How do stressed mothers relax, regroup, re-energize, and avoid burnout? We received a variety of responses, but whichever activity they choose, most of our readers agree that it's best to do it without your children. Mothers say this time to themselves helps restore their appreciation of their children and their energy for being a mom.

1) A warm soak
A long bubble bath with candles, music, and a good book was a favorite escape for many of our moms
2) Body work
Some form of physical pampering: Readers suggested a manicure, a pedicure, a massage, a facial, or a new hairdo.
3) A night on the town
A "date" with Dad will give you both a break — and a chance to get reacquainted
4) Adult conversation
Dinner or an outing with a friend provides a change of pace, a new perspective, a fresh experience — and adult conversation.
5) Healthy indulgences
A walk in the fresh air, a bike ride on a deserted street, a run on the beach — these are a few of our readers' healthy indulgences
6) Deep sleep
The chance to sleep late in the morning, or enjoy an afternoon nap — any kind of shut-eye is something of a miracle, but these are the best.
7) Mini-makeover
A shopping spree — and a new outfit, say readers, can do wonders for the psyche.
8) Things that grow
Gardening, readers say, nurtures not only plants but people.
9) Time alone
A solitary movie, a solo walk, or a similar outing provides a simple break that many readers say they depend on.
10) Word play
Time alone to read a book — or even just a magazine — all the way through is a major feat when you're a mother.


Anonymous said...

I think i might go take a bath RIGHT NOW.

Stephanie Faris said...

Reading definitely helps me relax...although I'm not a mom. Just a sort-of stepmom every other weekend. I know I get very little reading done on those weekends! Sometimes taking a shower is the only peace I get!

2 Toddlers and Me said...

Great article. We all definitely need some time to recharge in order to be good parents. They have some great suggestions on their list. Deep sleep sounds wonderful, but as a mom I'm not sure if it's achievable anymore!

Visiting from SITS. I like your blog, am now following and looking forward to reading more.

blueviolet said...

I couldn't agree more. I feel about 110% better on the days I exercise, for instance.

MaryRC said...

great list and a great reminder

Amy said...

Nominated you for an award:

Vic said...

and so I say, "The Joys of Motherhood"...good day my sitsta:)

Ms Bibi said...

Great post I sure need some of that.

It's hard to find time for yourself, but when my hubby returns from the road I will do just that.

Thank you fro stopping by...

Post-Modern Jen said...

Hi Kimberly,
My time to myself is as soon as the kids are in bed. It usually involves a movie with my husband or surfing the Internet and working on my blog. I couldn't get by without this! Thanks for visiting me from SITS today.

mellisarock said...

What a great article...we all do get burned out sometimes! I like to take a hot bath (bathrooms the only room in the house with a lock) and read til the water gets cold! That is usually enough time for me to get my Mama mojo back! Thanks so much for taking a button and good luck in the giveaway! Remember the more that you enter at both sites the better your chances are for winning the grand prize!