Friday, June 26, 2009

Things to do before I turn 40 (6-28)

I'll be 40 in 1 year (yuck) 6/28/10. So I wanted to come up with a 40 things to do before I turn 40 list, but I couldn't think of that many. So here is my list & I might add more.

1) Get a tattoo of Tara's footprints

2) Pierce my belly button again (took it out when I was preg. I had it for 8 years)

3) Go on a date night with my hubby once a month

4) Go away alone overnight with my hubby once a year

5) Write 2 letters a week (I do that anyway)

6) Finish 2 scrapbook pages a week

7) read 1 book a month (that's going to be hard)

8) learn how to decorate cakes/cupcakes (maybe take a class)

9) Do a Girl's night or go to a GNO once a month

10)Do a few giveaways on my blog

11)Try fondue

12)Get a manicure

13) Go to a spa (have facial/massage. I've never done that)

14)Call 1 long distance friend a month

15)Kiss my hubby 10x a day


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? You don't look even close to being anywhere near 40!!!!

Tiffany said...

Happy birthday! For what it's worth, I love being in my 40s. I'll be 42 at the end of summer and I think this is going to be a great decade. Look forward to it - it's great!

Stopping by from SITS!

Marina said...

Oh my goodness...this is so faves of Tara's footprints, go on a datenight with hubby n kiss him atleast 10x a day>

Come bunny hop over to and enter 4 great giveaways (atleast I think they're great! ;>)


MJ (Hoppin' over from SITS)

thatgirlblogs said...

I turned 40 last year and it is the WORST. Took me... forever to get used to it. I got a tattoo, bought a dog, started photography, went back to blogging, became a facebook addict... it's a rough one.

You look great, if it's any consolation ;) stopping by from SITS.

Love Stitched said...

Thanks for adding your LOVE STITCHED button :) we appreciate the support! Good luck on the contest!!!

Cammie said...

yeah, you look about 25

Melissa B. said...

All worthy goals, except maybe for the tatt. I wouldn't necessarily call 40 the ultimate "F" word...there are far worse things that could happen to a gal, oui? BTW, don't forget to swing by my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes today. We could use a dose of your sense of humor!