Thursday, January 22, 2009

Myspace & Twitter

If any of you are on Myspace, I'll add you to my friend list. My page is set to private, but if you send me your link I'll add you. Also I finally gave in & just joined Twitter. I really don't get it yet. So you just write what you're doing all the time? Does anyone care what I'm doing all the time? Maybe someone can explain it to me. I'm not into chats really. I prob won't go on there much. Here's my url for Twitter.


jennykate77 said...

I'm on twitter too (jennykate77) and yes, that's basically it...people just say random things about their day or what they're doing. I didn't get it at first either, but now it's a little addictive. I have an app for it on my phone and it makes it way too easy to just sit around and type random things on there. I'll try to find you and add you☺

Laura said...

Hey! I just got the 1st package(pretzel hugs)from you for the swap. Yum! Thanks, they are sooo good and I love the hydrangea pot.
You just totally made my day!
Now I'm re-thinking everything I sent, oh no!
I've got to get the stuff out that I had forgotten about, sorry.
Take care!

Chris said...

I was on Twitter but I didn't stick with it. I set it up so I could text in what I was doing but I don't have unlimited texting and it got a little out of hand but besides I didn't have enough to say all the time.

Stephanie E said...

ooo I love your background!