Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lipgloss for Bella

Please check out this e mail. A few of my friends know her. We all love lipgloss.

Hello friends, family and those we may never meet, I want to introduce you to a very special little girl who has taught us all the meaning of enjoying life to the fullest no matter what may come your way. Please pass this along to anyone who might be able to help support this darling little girl. On May 7, 2007 Bella Burton, daughter to Ed and Rachel (Uhlig) Burton and sister to Gabi, was diagnosed with Morquio syndrome, or MPS IV type A. Her battle has been one that has always been met with a smile and a little shine of lip gloss, something Bella treasures in her princess pocketbook. Bella has a very rough road ahead of her with as many as 30-50 surgeries possible. She has already had the surgery on her neck and spent an uncomfortable amount of time with a halo attached to the bones in her head. January 9, 2009 Bella will undergo a double reconstructive hip surgery and also a double reconstructive foot surgery. The second half of the foot surgery will be done Jan. 30,2009. During this time Bella will be in a hip spica cast from her armpits to her toes for a total of 8-10 weeks. Bella's expenses have not been entirely met with health insurance, therefore, much of Bella's needs have been paid for out of pocket. This would include co-payments to numerous doctors' visits and hospital visits, specialized strollers and car seats, braces and shoes, and more.In an effort to ease some of this financial burden, we are holding a fund raiser for our Princess Bella and of course it involves LIP GLOSS! Our goal for the month of January is to sell 1,000 f.y.i. lip glosses from Arbonne International, with the entire $3,500 profit to benefit Bella. PLEASE PASS THIS EMAIL ALONG TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW SO WE CAN MEET OUR GOAL! Each gloss is only $10.50 with tax and they come in six different color/flavors. Please add an additional $1.50 for delivery ($.50 each additional) so the cost doesn't have to come out of Bella's profit.Total will be $12.00 for the first gloss $11.00 each additional.Click on the photo below to see the colors.

#1 Vogue (very slight pink tint: tastes like banana)

#2 VIP (a little more pink: tastes like strawberry)

#3 Diva (orange tint: also berry-like)

#4 Fashionista (coral tint: again fruity!! I can't tell anymore!

#5 Paparazzi (clear shine: no flavor noticed)

#6 Couture (redder tint: Watermelon!))


Make checks payable to Sandra Skrocki and mail to:

81 Laurel Hill Road, Westhampton, MA 01027

I will be placing the entire bulk order on my credit card at the end of the event. Glosses will be delivered in February.Thank you all your help and support for Bella.

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Carrie said...

Though I'm not familiar with MPS IV, I am familiar with a couple of other types (II, II, and VII), as my daughter is going to be tested for those once her skin biopsy is ready (though they aren't the lead diagnoses).

I would love to talk to the Burtons, as I am thinking of creating an outlet for parents of children with rare life-limiting diseases (which is what they think Hannah has). It is so hard to find others who are dealing this this kind of situation.