Saturday, October 25, 2008

Freak accident

Last night we went to a mall for Anthony to try on a tux for the wedding today. So we parked the car & he got out & started to take Tara out. He unhooked her carseat belts. At the same time a lady was backing her car up next to us. I noticed she was really close to my car, so I said outloud "Great how am I gonna get out"? Thinking that she was going to stop. Well she kept backing up towards my car & Anthony. So he's yelling "Stop, you're crushing me"!!! I'm freaking out trying to get her attention. I'm waving at her & pointing back at him. She just was looking at me with a blank stare. I thought her eyes looked glazed over. Finally I tooted the horn & she stopped. She got out & didn't even know she had hit someone. He's okay. His side is sore & he might be aching more today. We got her info & gave her my info. We went to the Wedding party dinner & then went to the police station to get some papers. The woman didn't want us to report it cause she was in an accident last Winter. So my new car of 2 weeks has some scratches on the side. We are gonna get the paint fixed & call the insurance company. It will take a while. I'm wondering if the woman was on drugs or had been drinking. Luckily He didn't have Tara out or halfway out, she would have been seriously hurt. Just another day in our life.


Jen said...

that is crazy. I am so glad that everyone is alright.

Chris said...

OMG!! I am glad he is okay and there was no serious damage to the car. You do need to file a report though. She could hurt someone.

jennykate77 said...

Wow...that's scary! Glad everyone is ok. I would definitely file a report. Hope you get your car fixed soon.