Sunday, December 18, 2016

Cats & Cookies on a Snow Stormy Day.

We had a snow storm today. We got about 5 inches of snow. Tara's friend slept over last night & stayed until 2:30pm. They went out sledding today. We didn't go anywhere today. I was in my pjs for half of the day. You know 1 of those chill type days. I wrote out some more Christmas cards. I think I'm about done. I have around 5 cards left. We'll go out & buy some new boxes of cards after X-mas & get them marked down. Since we were stuck in the house today we need to go out X-mas shopping tomorrow. Heading to 5 Below.
Notice Kizmet with her Patriots cat nip toy.

We made gluten free chocolate chip cookies, but added some m&m's to some of them & T added some little sprinkle balls to some of them. Not bad. My 1st time trying these 1s.

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