Thursday, August 4, 2016

Stuff & Things

* This week was a lot of fighting & arguing. Things are getting rough around here. 27 days until school starts. Just remember that. Life will get back to normal. Schedules & plans & peace & quiet during the day.
* Tara did a Summer camp this week called Nature crafts. She made some cute things. A dream catcher, some river stones, pine cone painted roses, & an owl.
*We went to my friend's house on a lake, so we went in the water. I just put my legs in. It was such a nice day. Beautiful sunny day. We hung out with her 4 pet rats. They are really cute.
* I'm looking forward to Hubs & Drama Queen going away camping, so I can get some scrapbooking done. Just have some peace & quiet. It's hard being a stay at home Mom in the Summer. Keeping kids busy & not bored. Long days.
* So Glad that "Bachelor in Paradise" is back on.

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