Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happy Fibromyalgia awareness day

Okay, I know it's nothing to be happy about, well having fibro, but it is great that there is a day. I feel like most people have heard of fibro, but aren't really sure what it is. I know a lot of people with fibro like to keep it quiet because they think people will think that they are crazy & it's all in your head. I feel like I want to shout at the top of a mountain to get people to understand that it is a horrible thing & it isn't in our heads. We all need to speak up, not be quiet. I wish we could do something like the ALS ice bucket challenge to get it out there more. Get more people aware & raise $ for research. Also I wish that some celebrities would speak up. I want to be a spokeswoman, but I'm just a lil' old blogger.

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