Friday, September 25, 2015

Our new cat

This is our new cat Kizmet (Kizz or Kizz for short). We went to the mspca last Saturday & looked at the cats. We saw a few, but they didn't work out or were already adopted, so we decided to take Kitty (that was her name at the shelter). She is 3 & came from a hoarding house in Cape cod. She is a new Mom & I found out that only 1 of her kittens survived, because she had fleas really bad & they needed blood tranfusions. I talked to JoJo on Sunday & let her knew that we had adopted Kizz & she would help us once she was gone to get over the pain. We brought her home on Tuesday night. She has a cold, so she is sneezing & coughing a lot. We have medicine to give her. She is really friendly & sweet. She seems to be a real character & she is making us laugh & smile. I'm glad that we could give her a happy home. As far as I know her name will be Kizmet, I'm happy with it, but Anthony & T aren't so sure.