Sunday, August 2, 2015


I have a really big family. My Mom is the youngest of 7 kids. Most of them still live in MA, but some live far away. My cousin Nancy was in New England recently (she lives in New Mexico), so we got together with her & her sister Dot. I hadn't seen Nancy, since I was a kid. She is a lot older. So I didn't remember much about her, but that she belly danced & would always teach the cousins belly dancing at the other cousins weddings. I've been talking to her on Facebook. I actually have quite a few cousins on FB that live on the West coast that I never met. Anyway, it was great seeing her & her sister. I really want to get together with the other local cousins soon. We are hoping to have a reunion next year.

Below: Tara, Me, My Mom, Nancy & Dot.

I've never really liked my nose. My cousin Nancy said I have the Paine nose, (My Mom's maiden name is Paine), I think our noses kind of look the same. Which is cool. Before I was born, My Dad said that My Mom would just have a giant nose running around because her nose was so big. Well mine is bigger than hers. haha.

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