Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Volunteering~A kitten, a puppy & 2 dogs on my head

I didn't get to walk any dogs today. But I went in with this little girl, Chloe to clean her cage. She is 7 months old & really playful.

 There was an adorable kitten waiting to have surgery. I can't post a photo because she isn't up for adoption.
 I went in the room & sat with this cat. She was really friendly & very fluffy.

I also went into another cage to clean it out. There were 2 chihauhaus in there. Bruiser, who is 11 & Beanie, who is 8. They were both really nervous & panting & shaking the whole time I was in there. I was kneeling down & 1 climbed up me & ended up on my shoulders/neck. Then the other 1 did that too. Good thing they were small. I hope they get adopted soon. They have to go together.

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Tamara Camera said...

Aww! I hope they all get adopted too. I only have rescue pets here and I would love to go help at a shelter. Maybe I'd take pro photos for the websites to make them look more adoptable.