Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Volunteering~X-mas tree

Today was the 1st day that we had bad weather when I was walking the dogs. We are getting heavy rains & the parking lot & walkways were really icy. I was slipping & sliding & so were the dogs. The animal shelter put up an X-mas tree & people can buy an ornament & have their pet's photo put in it & then they display it outside. I felt bad because 1 of the ornaments fell & was on the ground. I almost climbed over the fence & picked it up & hung it up, but decided not to because of the heavy rain.

This is Koby, who I posted a photo of last week. I walked him last week & his sister Bella too.

Kobi brought his toy to me. It was so cute. I think it's a racoon. It really doesn't look like it from this view. I kept asking him what his baby's name was, but obviously he wasn't going to answer me. I wonder if they know so they can let the new owners know, when he gets adopted. He is a great dog & his sister too. I wish they could get adopted for the holidays.

This is a new girl this week named Leilany.

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