Saturday, May 10, 2014

Skin problems

Lately my skin hasn't been so happy. I'm planning on getting some new cleansers & creams hope they help. I had bad acne for 20 years & now I have rosacea. The roascea doesn't usually act up much, only if I'm really hot (if it's humid or we have the wood stove on) or sometimes if I take a really hot shower or take a nap. But lately it's been getting red once a day & I feel like my face is burning or like I got slapped in the face. So I'm going to try some different products & see if they help. I need to start wearing stronger sunblock too. I should always wear sunblock, but in the Winter end up just using the spf 15 or whatever is already in my powders/creams. I'm also planning on going to the dermatologist soon.

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