Thursday, August 15, 2013

Birthday in a Box, Pinata review

If you are planning your child's birthday party, Birthday in a Box has birthday party kits that you can order. They have different themes & in the kit you receive napkins, plates, cups, a tablecover, spoons, forks etc... Tara's 6th birthday was in July & she decided that she wanted a luau them. So we ended up picking a Birthday in a Box, pinata kit & got a cute hula girl.

 I loved the flowers in her hair & her cute flip flops (didn't really get them in this photo). The kit came along with a 3 lb bag of candy & a blindfold for the kids to wear, that was kind of pretty. Not all of the kids wanted to wear it.

We thought that the pinata kind of looked like Tara. They looked so cute together.

She really fell in love with her & got really sad when one of her friends finally broke her open. I felt so bad. All that was left was her head. She still has it hanging on our mantel. Originally she didn't want anyone to hit her & just wanted to pull her string, so she could keep her, intact.

Check out Birthday in a Box for your next party.

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