Monday, January 7, 2013

Because it's Winter

Montreal (photo via Pinterest)

I'm already starting to think about our Summer vacation & where we might go. We haven't been to Canada for a few years. I need to get a new passport, mine has my old last name on it & we need to get Tara a passport. I've been dreaming of Montreal & Quebec city. I loved both cities & have only been to both once.

Quebec city (photo via Pinterest). We stayed at Hotel Frontenac, the castle looking thing in the background. It was so pretty, but our room was small & it was so hot (we were there in December too).

 We're also thinking of Bar Harbor again. We've been there a lot & I really like it there, but we always go in June for my birthday & it's always cool & rainy. There is a boat called the Cat & you can go to Nova Scotia, Canada on it from Bar Harbor. We need a passport for Nova Scotia too. My family way back is from there, so I'd love to check it out since it really isn't too far away. But $ is kind of an issue this year. I might be having eye lazer surgery which isn't cheap. So we'll think about vacations & try to find some cheap hotel faires. At least we can drive & don't need to worry about getting airfare.

Below is Bar Harbor. So relaxing.

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Sadie Ussery said...

I love planning vacation time...and thinking of warmer weather! Found you on SITS today...