Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tara met her 1st celeb

So Tara went to her 2nd "real" concert today. We had been planning on going to see Bridget Mendler (Teddie from the Disney show "Good Luck Charlie") but it was suppose to rain today. So we waited to get tix. Today online you couldn't order tix, so we thought it might be sold out. She was playing at the Topsfield fair in MA. We got tix when we got in there. She only knew 2 songs (she has a cd coming out on Oct 22nd). Tara has been watching her videos on my Ipod touch lately. Not really my music. I think she has a good voice, but don't like the style of the music (even though I keep getting 1 of the songs stuck in my brain) & don't really think the songs show her vocal range.

So after the show, groupie Mama decided we should check & see if her bus was out back. We got back there & there were like 50 Moms & little girls. So I figured we had a good chance of meeting her. It was a good sign. She came out & signed a few autographs & I took a few pics of her. Then she went inside. We waited like an hr & 1/2 & finally she came back out & was going along the edge of the crowd signing autographs & taking pics.

She made it to Tara & I asked if she could get a pic with her, so she did. She also got her autograph on the back of her ticket stub.

So I want to note that Drama Queen's Dad was going to give up & said a few times "we should go". I kept saying "no, let's hang in there a little longer". We really like the show "Good Luck Charlie", so it was cool to see someone in person from the show. Check it out if you have kids (5 & up). We watch it at least 3x a day.

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Nichole said...

T looks very happy in that pic!