Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cash for gold

I've heard about people getting $ for their gold. So I brought some stuff today to the mall & got $150. I was hoping to get at least $20, so I wanted to start jumping up & down when she said $150. This is great for anyone looking for a little extra $. I don't wear gold anymore, so it was great for me. I got a few more things together today & called my Mom & she has some stuff for me to bring.


sprinkles said...

I've always heard that it's such a rip off. Good to know that it's not!

Nichole said...

I've been told most of those places are a rip off as well. Look up the current price of gold per ounce online and weigh what you have before you bring it... I've been told chances are they are offering you only a fraction of what it's really worth.

Nichole said...

*gram (not ounce)

I just found this - http://www.wikihow.com/Calculate-the-Value-of-Scrap-Gold