Sunday, June 24, 2012

My new ear piercings

Last Friday I was in the mall & decided to have my ear pierced 2x in my right ear. I had been thinking about it. So it was sort of a spure of the moment thing, but not really. They didn't come out quite as cute as I thought they would. The 1st piercing bled a lot & she almost wasn't going to be able to do the other piercing (till another day), but it did stop bleeding. It's been a week & it still hurts. Tara keeps bumping it. I can't sleep on that side. That's kind of a problem because I always sleep on that side. I also can't talk on the phone on the right side. Also a problem. I wish I had the left ear pierced instead. So for 6 months I have to spray it with a sea salt spray that they gave me & clean it once a day in the shower. This is what my ear looks like (that photo was taken the day I had it pierced).

Below is similiar to the photo that I saw on Pinterest. I got 2 instead of 3. I think mine will look better when I can switch the earrings to cute rhinestone earrings that are different sizes.

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Anonymous said...

What is this piercing called? Because i realllly want it done but i have no idea what that part of the ear is called.. ahaha!x