Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa photo link up

This year Tara wasn't afraid of Santa, but she wouldn't talk to him at all & tell him what she wanted. They actually were video taping all the kids with Santa & it was suppose to be on Comcast on the local channel, but we just switched over to Dish tv. So we didn't get to see her on tv, not talking to Santa.

I'm linking up with Harpers Happenings. Add photos of your kids with Santa. Funny, happy, scared, cute photos of your kids with Santa.


Margaret Almon said...

Love the striped socks!

What I Did Today said...

Such a cute picture! I'm pretty sure my kids would have absolutely no interest in even getting near Santa, so I'll save that for another year. Maybe. I think it's so funny and adorable that your daughter wouldn't even talk to Santa.