Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My 1st Smashbook

This is my 1st Smashbook. I used a regular notebook that cost $1. I really haven't done much with the cover, but it has a nice fabric paper cover for now. I will add to it.

These are some photos from the Tesla show that we went to in May.

We went to a concert in September & I took some photos. We don't get out that often, on a date night anymore. Hubby looks so much cuter without his facial hair. He's getting ready to grow it again. Oh no.

Below is page 2 from our day in Worcester. I need to add some stuff to this page.

I love fairies & these are some of the cards that I got from friends & pen pals.

My friend went to Paris in October for her 40th birthday & she got me some postcards.

Below is a post that Elizabeth Kartchner did on her blog in reply to 1 of my questions. I printed it off of her blog. I was so excited that she replied to my question right on her blog. It was a question about making a Smashbook. She is 1 of my scrapbooking idols.

More to come.....


Tonya said...

Your Worcester page brings back memories. I worked for years in downtown Worcester, and have been on a number of occasions to that pizza place!

Nichole said...

Fun project!

Megan @ Ordinarily Obsessed said...

Hi! What exactly is a Smashbook? This is highly intriguing to me. Thanks!