Thursday, June 30, 2011

One of those days

Photo via We heart it

Today was 1 of those days. Like when you go food shopping & realize that you left the food list on the kitchen table & then you try to call your hubby @ home, but you can't get reception in the store (that happened to me the other day & it wasn't the 1st time that I forgot the food list). Everyday is 1 of those days for me, but today was a little worse than usual. Tara was in a mood all day. We argued & she didn't want to listen at all. I'm still behind on things & trying to get caught up from being away. I've noticed the past week that people seem ruder. I'm from Massachusetts, so I'm use to rude people, but they are not usually like that here in NH unless they are from MA. We ran into some rude people in Maine too. Hmm, maybe it's the weather or something in the air. We have a fun weekend planned so hopefully T won't be so cranky & then I won't be so cranky.

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