Monday, April 25, 2011

Curly or straight?

I have naturally curly hair & I really don't like it at all. In the Summer I wash my hair & let it air-dry, but I mostly do it because it is easier. Hubs likes it curly. I have a flat iron, but don't use it much anymore because of the carpal tunnel (& it takes like 20 minutes to do). I did straighten it a few weeks ago & I probably will try to straighten it again on 5-13 when we go to a concert & have a night away. So this is my hair with some of it straightened & some curly. Do you like the hair that you have or do you wish it was different? I love my hair color, but wish the texture was different. I have fine, but thick hair.

(p.s. I always section it off when I straighten it & was in the middle of straightening it in this pic. That's why I had a scrungie in it. I don't wear it out with it half curly & half straight).


Meandering Matt said...

First of all, you are absolutely gorgeous! Secondly, to answer your question, I don't have much hair at all. I've balded considerably since early high school. I currently trim it very short and have considered shaving it bald. I don't mind not having hair though. I kind of like not having to do anything to it in the mornings.

blueviolet said...

I like changing things up, so like you, I do a little of both!