Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday faves

My faves from this week are

TV shows~Southern belles Louisville. So far there's no drama on it & I still like it.

Drinks~Smirnoff wild grape. It wasn't awesome, but it's kind of different.

Magazines~Scrapbooks etc.. I bought 1 yesterday & love that feeling of having a new mag to look at. I just subscribed.



Anything with vodka is GOOD. popping in from SITS

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Ooh I will have to check out Southern Belles. I am always up for a good reality show about women. I love The Real Housewives personally and the New Jersey one that is on currently does not disappoint!

BTW I read you post below and I have twin 2 year old currently and I feel your pain, Mama! Good luck!

Oh and hi from SITS!

monica said...

I love looking at a new magazine! Stopping in from SITS to say Hi!

Linda said...

I like your layout! Stopping by from SITS to show your blog some love.