Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas tour of homes

I'm finally getting around to this Tour of homes. I'll prob add a few more pics or just add a few this week. My friend Susan gave this Santa to Tara the other day. I love him.
I got this penguin cookie jar at Bath & Body works on Friday night. I love it. Even tho' it's empty. I got 1 as a present too.

The tree keeps coming out blurry with the lights on. It's a 10 foot fake tree. We didn't do many ornaments on the bottom cause T thinks they're new toys to play with.


Stephanie said...

Hey Muffin! I hope your okay from the storm. I saw your pictures! How long were you without power? We got it back on Sunday! P.S. I gave you an award!!! Check it out!

Chris said...

Cute santa! I picture your house being so cute and crafty looking. Totally unlike mine! ;-)