Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stuff & Things

*Heat~It's really hot here today. It was over 90, but this weekend will be 60 & I'll be freezing. The cats were being lazy today from the heat. Nice to see them not fighting.

*Shows~I started watching some old entertainment shows again. Extra & Inside Edition. I watched them for a long time & then had a kid & ended up giving them up & watching Disney shows.

*Vacuuming~I have a thing about vacuuming. I really vacuum like 3x a week. If I leave it out all the time I will vacuum every day. We have rug throughout the house & we need new 1s & I hate cat hair, crumbs & other stuff.

*Allergies~I've been sneezy & having sinus problems. We have white dandelion fuzz flying around our yard & gathering on the grass. It looks like snow.

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Laura Darling said...

It was 90 degrees here today too! We went from cold, rainy spring straight to summer!!