Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fibro update

I haven't been feeling great lately. The past few weeks my stomach has been bothering me. I finally went to the doctor today & she did a few tests. No results yet. I'm thinking that it's a bacterial infection. I've had them before & I think it is associated with chronic fatigue, which I have. I hate to feel crappy this time of year, so much to do. My neck has also been killing me, kind of like a kink. It's hurts to turn my head to the right. I've been putting Salonpas patches on it & using heat & ibuprofin. It's finally feeling like Winter & I think that is why my aches & pains are worse. I haven't posted a fibro update lately, so I thought it was time. This is a pic from today. I look so tired, but that's my normal puffy eyes.

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