Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fibro update

I have to be honest things have been stressful lately. Anthony has been working a lot of overtime & Drama Queen Tween has been nutso lately. I really need a quiet vacation away alone. Maybe a nice cabin on a lake. I'm hoping to start walking when the weather gets nicer. We have a few trails in our town. I'm hoping to start walking with 1 of my friends that also has fibro. I also need to write in my fibro journal more often. I would like to write in it every night. I was for a while, but things got busy. So that's it for now. Going to write in my journal & go to bed.

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sprinkles said...

Love the new background with the jellybeans.

Sorry things have been so stressful. What kind of work does Anthony do? I wish I could afford a vacation.

There's a long corridor at my work that my coworkers and I like to walk daily. It's good to get away from staring at a computer all day and stretch a bit.