Monday, February 29, 2016

Kizmet's twin

My friend is thinking of adopting a 2nd cat. There was 1 that she was interested in, so I went on the MSPCA's page to see the cat she liked. I accidentally went on the Boston page, not the Methuen page. Methuen is near me & where I use to volunteer. Anyway, a picture of a cat named Lucy came up. I thought she looked so much like Kiz. I wish we could adopt her. It would be cool to have twin cats. Anthony says no because of vet bills for a yearly check up. It said she is friendly & likes kids & other cats. But then it said ask about my health problems. So I'm not sure what is wrong with her. So there's probably no way I can talk Anthony into adopting her if she has health issues & it's going to cost more $ to have her.

Kizmet Sassy.


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