Monday, November 2, 2015

New Month, Monthly Goals November

September & October were rough months for me. October seemed to fly by though. I'm hoping that November will be a little better. I'm actually really looking forward to this year being over. Usually my odd years are better than my even years, but this year was not good.

1. Do more creative things (scrapbooking. smashbooking, decorate my planner every month).
2. Do yoga daily.
3. Donate some old coats.
4. Get some magazines from the library.
5. Declutter & keep organizing the house.
6. Do a blog post everyday in November. I always use to blog everyday, but lately things have just been busy & the fibro just makes it hard to get everything done.
7. Do meal plans every week on Sunday.
8. Enter more giveaways.
9. Go to the outlet mall.
10.  Watch the movie "Serendipity"," A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" & the "Macy's Thanksgiving parade".

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