Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kizmet's story

So I thought I would share our new cat Kizmet's story. So we met her at the mspca in Methuen & they didn't know too much about her, she had only been at that location for a week. They also said that she had come from the Cape Cod mspca location & had come from a hoarding house in the Cape cod area. That she had recently had some babies. When we met her she had just had surgery to be fixed, 2 days before. So we got her home & she was really friendly & loveable & loves giving kisses. So I thought I would e mail the people at the Cape animal shelter to see if she had gone to a foster home with her babies & maybe the foster parent had taken photos of her with her babies (JoJo was 3 when I adopted her, so I had no photos of her as a kitten, so I had hoped I could have photos of Kizzy's babies. I will never have photos of Kiz a kitten either). I really like doing detective work. I didn't expect to hear what I did. A lady from a New England neglected animals shelter gave me more info (She helped bottle feed her babies). Kiz had come from a hoarding house & said it was really gross. I found out that she had 4 babies & only 2 survived. The kittens had fleas so bad that the fleas were sucking their blood & they ended up anemic (adult cats can survive the fleas). So they needed blood transfusions. 2 didn't even make it to have the blood transfusions. 2 survived, 1 is a boy named Wicket (a little light gray & white kitten) & the other is a girl named Violet (a torti). They both were adopted. It makes me sad sometimes because I know Kizzy would have been a great Mom to her babies & I wish I could see her with them. I do have photos of her babies, but they aren't my photos, so I don't think I should post them. I'll be adding the photos to Kizmet's scrapbook.

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