Thursday, August 13, 2015

Stuff & Things


* I'm really really looking forward to school starting. It's been a long Summer. I love Summer, but school being out for 2 months really isn't cool.
*Shinedown is playing in Portland, Maine, trying to decide if we should go. Long ride, late night & of course I'm going to want to hang around & try to meet them. Not sure why they haven't played in NH. They did Boston on a Monday night & now Portland & this is a Tuesday night.
*Hubs colored my hair a few nights ago & it's so much darker than my real hair color. I've been using this color for a long time, but I want to find something that is closer to my own color that will take & only be a little bit darker than my own color. I thought of going burgandy, but when my reddish, golden, coppery roots come in, I think it will look horrible.

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Joey @ Hodgespodges said...

Yay for new hair color and school starting soon! I'm a nanny and while i thought I'd be desperately longing for the days of school to come back, I'm actually going to miss this summer schedule!