Friday, April 24, 2015

Nail files. Week #202

I have on China Glaze-Dashboard Dreamer & Finger Paints-Daubigny's Garden over 2 of my nails. Yes, there's some chipping on my CG nails. I went over them with more polish.

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Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Hi Kimberly!

Thanks for coming over to see my April Julep box. I have a lot of their polish from being a subbie for over a year.

I would suggest looking for it at discount stores like TJ Maxx etc. or buying it during their sales because it's pretty expensive ($14) versus brands like OPI. Bottles are only .27 ounces so like half the size of most other brands!

For the most part the formula is pretty good, I've been happy but I'm planning on skipping most upcoming months since I've got a lot of polish and because of the price versus how much you get.

I'd never finished a bottle of nail polish before Julep and I've managed to get through three of their bottles.

I considered canceling but since I can skip monthly boxes and got my gift subscription for the previous lower price I think I'll just hang on to it for awhile. I might just really love a collection and it's nice to have the option of getting it.

jennie said...

Looks cute!! Did you have problems with Dashboard Dreamer? I found mine was really thin, and not in a jelly kind of way. It took three coats to get rid of the streaks and even then, I probably could have done a fourth. So annoying because the colour's so pretty!